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Level Two

Virtual Acupuncture Certification Training
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

We never imagined Level One as a fixed,
finite experience.

From the beginning, we saw Source Point High Priestess Healing as a modality that will have global outreach in service to humanity.

To that end, we’ve created a three-level training system that calls students to deeper levels of learning, practice and refinement of the skills and abilities that comprise the science, the art and the spirituality embodied in classical as well as esoteric acupuncture.

This is Level Two. 

Since TCM and acupuncture treatments were introduced thousands of years ago, we’ve evolved.

As a result, we’ve adapted to the growing understanding of how to treat disharmonies and imbalances within people’s energy fields. Dr. Mikio Sankey, a pioneer of esoteric acupuncture and one of Dr. Amanda’s mentors, states…

We must expand and evolve in our assessment of how to harmonize these imbalances.
The concepts within the framework of Esoteric Acupuncture are designed
to make us aware of other levels of healing
and to initiate a “Higher Frequency Healing” in the client….
Rather than merely treating the signs and symptoms of a physical imbalance,
“Higher Frequency Healing” refers to balancing the subtler frequencies
outside of the dense physical body’s energy field. 

According to Dr. Sankey, esoteric acupuncture involves “piercing your temple (physical body) to activate or reach something esoteric within. This esoteric ‘something’ is the alignment, strengthening and refining of your Heart Center.”

He sees assessing a person’s condition and then treating it as an evolutionary approach to healing…health and disease are a significant part of a person’s self-actualization journey

Level Two is about that journey and High Priestess Healing meets you right where you are—in your body, in your purpose, in your relationships, in your financial health, in your community, in your service. 

While Level Two continues to address how to diagnose and treat physical, mental and emotional imbalances and disharmonies, this second pathway into the world of the High Priestess is an adventure into those parts of your journey of self-discovery that are ready to be…discovered.

* Some of you will take this training because you want to grow an even more intimate partnership with your body and the messages it’s communicating to you—about what it needs and how it would like to heal. 

* Some of you will want to take what you learn in Level Two and start offering it to others—whether you have a healing practice, you are a coach, a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, a caretaker, a performer—the roles you have taken on in this lifetime (or at this stage in this lifetime) don’t matter nearly as much as your intent to live a life filled with passion, purpose and radiant well-being.

In Source Point High Priestess Healing Level Two,
we walk through THREE main pathways:

In Source Point High Priestess Healing Level Two, we walk through THREE main pathways:

Pathway #1:
The Master Tung Points

In Level Two, you’ll learn advanced pain protocols with Master Tung Acupuncture that will give you access to lightning-quick pain relief for yourself and those around you who need it. 

The Master Tung Points are so effective that in essence, you could just use these points to treat pain.

In the past, teachers transmitted these points orally.

There was no other way to learn these secret points. However, in the last 50 years, teachers have been writing them down and sharing them with students.

Most of the sources on Master Tung’s acupuncture are written in Chinese and not publicly available until the passing of Master Tung in 1975. Dr. Amanda’s teacher, Dr. Robert Chu, was trained by Dr. Young Wei-Chang, who trained directly with Master Tung Ching Chang.

As students of this training, you would be part of a direct lineage of learning and using Master Tung Acupuncture.

Pathway #2:
The 8 Extraordinary Vessels (EVs)

Working with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels enhances classical acupuncture, bringing the healing sessions to a philosophical dimension: the union of existentialism with acupuncture.

These eight channels are a spiritual form of acupuncture that involves creating treatment plans that reconnect you and others to an authentic sense of self, addressing physical and emotional symptoms that block honest self-expression.

The 8 EVs transmute trauma stored in the cells of the body and transcend the resistance and beliefs so you can hear and understand the answers to life’s big questions.

As one of Dr Amanda’s teachers, Dr. Farrell writes: “If you want to help a person to let go of deep-seated beliefs that are impeding their ability to grow, gain mastery of themselves and pursue their curriculum with meaning and purpose, then you need the 8 EVs.”

We agree. 

Meet the EVs:

Pathway #3:
Goddess Acupuncture®

Created by Dr. Amanda Cohen

These celestial patterns downloaded in meditation by Dr. Amanda tap into profound healing with lasting results. 

You’ve seen the incredible results combining Reiki with the acupuncture portals.

Now imagine adding the Goddess energies to your ability to profoundly heal yourself and those you love.

The layers of healing are far beyond what we can imagine as we activate points in these patterns. 

In learning Goddess Acupuncture®, you explore more about HUMAN MULTIDIMENSIONAL ANATOMY, including (but not limited to) the acupuncture points, the meridians, the chakras, and the subtle body systems. 

When you learn how to work in the subtle body based on what the physical body is telling you about where energy blocks or deficiencies lie, deep healing of the mind, body, heart and soul take place. 

For most of us, we have waited lifetimes to heal at these levels and with the support of some stellar multidimensional mentorship. 

Some examples of the 12 patterns include:

The Warrior's Sword®

  • Amplified purpose, focus and clarity.
  • Taking action in your Life Mission, moving forward with balance and faith, with joy and enthusiasm.
  • Clearing fears about letting yourself be seen.
  • Cutting cords from experiences in this lifetime and others that have prevented you from experiencing your highest human potential
  • Archetypal energies of Sacred Feminine Warriors such as Durga, Oya, Artemis, Athena, Freya, Minerva and Nike (healthy competition). 

The Divine Nectar Activation®

  • Releasing fears of scarcity and shifting the mindset to your next levels of abundance from a place of higher prosperity consciousness.
  • Unconditional kindness and love towards self and others.
  • Gentle nourishment of all your gifts and beauty as you are.
  • Deep self-acceptance and stepping into being and bathing in love and beauty.
  • Self-trust and trust in the universe.
  • “My path is unfolding beautifully”; “I am perfect as I am.”
  • Opens you up to await life’s blessings with curiosity and excitement.
  • Archetypal energy of Lakshmi, Oshun, Aphrodite, Venus and Abundantia. 

The Fire of
Transformation Pattern®

  • Clearing obstacles in our path and transmuting them as gifts to find inspiration and power.
  • Tapping into wolf medicine – loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits: curiosity, instincts, freedom, endurance, intuition, intelligence, leadership, the pathfinder.
  • Acknowledging that it is time to let go and clear the path for new beginnings with ease and flow.
  • Helps you release what no longer serves you and what dims your light and the light in others. 
  • Using the element and ally of Fire to clear and transform stagnation into movement and light.
  • Archetypal energies of Brigid, Oya, Kali, Ceridwen, Circe and the Butterfly Maiden.

The Star Portal of Isis®

  • Opens a gate to inner and outer consciousness.
  • Deeply roots you into earth energy as you explore a deeper connection to interdimensional teachers across space and time.
  • Enchances your ability to receive guidance and inspiration.
  • Supports clarity and focus in the brain and in the heart.

The Sun Goddess Pattern®

  • Clears blocks and strengthens the solar plexus chakra—your center of confidence, power, self-esteem.
  • Connects you to the amplified energy of your passion and purpose.
  • A pattern that gives you the energy to step up and be a strong boundary maker and boundary holder.
  • Activates the throat chakra—your sacred voice—so you will let yourself be heard and others hear you in a new way.
  • Archetypal energy of Sekhmet.

The Pattern of Divine Play & Pleasure®

  • Restores intimacy and connection to sensuality, bonding to self and others, healing the critical inner voice.
  • Encourages self-care and the experience of play and pleasure.
  • Works to heal any disconnection from sexuality, embracing one’s sexuality.
  • Opens up healing for issues of trust/mistrust and receiving/giving (overgiving) in love. 
  • Provides you with amplified resources to assist you in giving birth to a relationship, to an idea, a creative project, a garden, etc. nurturing and growing it.
  • Archetypal energy of the Egyptian Goddes Bast, Tripura Sundari. 

Soul & Earth Star Chakra Pattern®

  • Letting those parts of you that are no longer serving you die (an ego death) to be reborn into a lighter free happier version of yourself.
  • Helps you to ground to the Earth Mother and the transformative power of earth and fire within the earth’s core.
  • Prepares you to make an important decision or navigate a significant transition or turning point in your life.
  • Saying goodbye to toxic relationship patterns and patterns within oneself. 
  • Archetypal energies of  Anubis, Oya, Innana,  Isis, Osiris, Nut, Kali, Persephone, Dionysus and Jesus. 

The Storyteller Pattern®

  • The priests of Egyptian temples long ago used to pray to the God Thoth: “Give me words of power that I might write the story of my own becoming” (Normandi Ellis). This pattern opens you up to the next levels of your becoming
  • Activate your Inner Scribe, opening up the energy, the inner resources, the drive and the enthusiasm to write new, expansive chapters in the story of your life.
  • Opens up access to deeply rooted knowledge within yourself and the universe.
  • Clears the spine, removes blockages, opens the brain to receive wisdom and guidance.
  • The archetypal energies of Thoth, Saraswati, Hermes and Mercury.

Level Two Training & Details

Starting in October, 27 2022
Prerequisite: SPHPH LEVEL ONE

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Scholarship Applicants:
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your scholarship automatically extends to Level Two.

If you’re interested in the Level One and Two training,
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Terms and Conditions

You have 14 days after registering to for the Level One or Two training to receive a refund.
After 14 days, there are no refunds available. However, you have access to the High Priestess Healing Training for the lifetime of these courses.  We encourage you to please read our terms and conditions and our FAQs on the Level One training page.. 

Here we are. Here you are.

If you’re ready to explore healing in greater depth, you have a desire to become even more intimate with the Goddess showing up in you and in your life through the acupuncture patterns and you’re open to deepening your understanding and skill in bridging the body, mind and spirit with advanced techniques and celestial support, we’re ready to support your Source Point High Priestess Healing journey.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.
We look forward to walking the path of the High Priestess with you.