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Kind, Compassionate and Mindful Medicine

Source Point Wellness

Kind, Compassionate,
and Mindful Medicine

Primary care from the East-West Perspective, specializing in patient empowerment and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

At Source Point Wellness we focus on treating the mind-body and spirit and getting to the source of health imbalances.

We offer compressive treatment plans for the whole person and incorporate kind, compassionate and complete care with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional medicine, nutrition, telemedicine, massage, cupping, shamanism, and akashic record readings.

Primary care from the
East-West Perspective,
specializing in patient empowerment and healing
the mind, body, and spirits

At Source Point Wellness we focus on treating the mind-body and spirit and getting to the source of health imbalances.

We offer compressive treatment plans for the whole person and incorporate kind, compassionate and complete care with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, functional medicine, nutrition, telemedicine, massage, cupping, shamanism, and akashic record readings.

Services Doctor Amanda Cohen is offering during quarantine:

Amanda Cohen

Dr. Amanda Cohen
M.A., L.A.c., D.A.O.M

Dr. Amanda Cohen, M.A., L.A.c., D.A.O.M, is a Board Certified Chinese Medical Physician (L.Ac.) who is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal well-being. She holds a Master’s and Doctoral Degree (Summa Cum Laude) from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, specializing in Integrative Medicine. She also has a Masters in Health Psychology from UC Irvine and a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Cultural Anthropology from Cornell University (Cum Laude).

I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine and combine science, psychology, research, and magic into my practice. I own Source Point Wellness in Los Angeles and see people in person and offer telemedicine services to people all over the US combining eastern and western natural medicine. I am a Health Detective & Medical Intuitive and determined to get to the root of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and provide comprehensive healing plans to help empower my patients and get them lasting results.

I practice a more nourishing feminine medicine, centered around patient empowerment, compassion, and exceptional patient care. In efforts to help relieve pain and suffering on a larger level, I developed a new healing modality called High Priestess Healing, where I am able to provide acupuncture from a distance (virtual acupuncture) to people throughout the world. I’ve been able to treat insomnia and anxiety in Denmark, and migraines and back pain in Africa, and stomach pain and headaches in Canada, and insomnia in Bulgaria.

I am launching a course in January, open to everyone, to teach others how to practice virtual acupuncture to create more healers to help mend a deeply broken world.

Recent Media

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Marisol Rascon

Marisol has been practicing holistic massage since 2001 and continues to study and explore the ancient wisdom traditions. Her healing journey inspired a deep appreciation for the importance of empowering individuals to take back their health with these natural healing ways in our modern-day.

She is a dedicated practitioner and uses a customized multi-modality approach including: various bodywork techniques, energy healing, shamanism, craniosacral therapy, womb and yoni care, eastern yogic and ayurvedic healing, breathwork, and yoga. Her goal is to provide a safe space for you to collaborate with the wisdom of your mind and body to rebalance. It is Marisol’s intention to assist in deep whole-being listening to support the healing and wellness of all her clients.


Marisol accepts most insurance. Her website is: and you can also follow her Instagram @solintegrative.

Diana Zalucky

Diana Zalucky is The Empress Advisor™, a Spiritual Advisor connecting you to your spiritual resources and intuitive gifts. Her sessions create a soft and safe place to tune into and receive your soul’s divinely sourced flow, opening you up to remembering who you are as a cosmic being.

Empowering Empresses like you to support the masses, Diana blends her work in the Akashic Records with her gifts as a medium and psychic to channel loving and direct insight to support you on your journey. Diana specializes in guiding you to remember who you are as a cosmic light being who came here to rise, to be seen and to support the collective with your gifts.

Diana recently launched Journey to the Empress, a 3-month 1:1 mentorship program designed to bring greater passion, clarity and confidence into all parts of your life. This program provides you with the tools and guidance to develop a deep trust in your gifts, the ability to use your intuition to direct your life and a genuine understanding of the power of self-love.

Diana is also the host of The Healer Dealer Podcast™ where she connects her listeners to the tools to empower the healer within themselves through conversations with the modern mystics, healers and visionaries of our time!


Jenn Goodman, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

Jenn is a graduate of Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, a California State Board licensed acupuncturist, and an NCCAOM diplomate of acupuncture and herbal medicine. She approaches Chinese medicine as an exploration, and her sessions are infused with a blend of playfulness and curiosity.

She believes in health projects, rather than health problems. Jenn is thrilled to be joining the team at Source Point Wellness and bring her practice to the east side. When she’s not in the clinic, she can most likely be found exploring the secret staircases and hidden trails of Mt. Washington.


Guzel Gjenasaj

Guzel Gjenasaj has been interested in Holistic (non-Western) healing arts since 2005 and has explored, practiced, studied and experimented with many different styles, traditions and lineages. In 2010, she was leaving a nature site, after working with elementary students, where she was an Environmental Educator, and the van hit a curb that rolled the van over twice. After being badly injured, her exploration deepened as she had to find ways to mitigate pain and found true healing. Reiki, in addition to her spiritual practice, has had the most profound effect on her healing. She was living with chronic pain for three years after the accident and can happily share that the pain is gone, and although her body has shifted, her health is thriving.

Guzel has a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology, and for over 16 years, has been on a healing and growth path that has included plant medicine, breath work, yoga, workshops on mindfulness, meditation, whole foods nutrition, compassionate communication and various healing modalities. She studied Transformational Psychology at the University of Philosophical Research, and received her Reiki Attunements and teachings from spiritual teacher, Chris Eagle. She is attuned as a Reiki Master in the traditional Usui Reiki method. Her spiritual practice is rooted in Native American, Mayan and Gaia loving traditions. Additionally, since 2014, she became a moon dancer with the Ollintlahuimetztli tradition, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, in which she is a pipe carrier. In 2020, she completed her 7th year and carries the medicine of Sweat lodge, as initiated through this lineage.

Guzel infuses her sessions with Reiki, Channeling and Shamanistic elements, to support her clients in healing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, pain or disease.

She offers private in-person and virtual sessions that combine Reiki, channeling and spiritual counseling. Guzel also offers plant medicine integration. She currently holds fire circles for the New (all genders) and Full moon (female identifying only) and Sweat Lodges, at a location in Glassell Park. Guzel is a Reiki Master Teacher and leads Reiki attunements for all levels.  For more info go to:

She’s happy to answer any questions and share her experiences/practices with you and would be deeply honored to support you in your healing journey.

Guzel is excited and grateful to be joining Source Point Wellness, (in Atwater Village), and the beautiful team of healers.


Wade Thoren, L.Ac.

Wade Thoren L.Ac. is an acupuncturist who specializes in pain management, stress relief, and posture correction to help patients with issues from back pain and headaches to surgery and sports injury recovery. Wade studied bodywork at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) and Chinese medicine at Dongguk University.

With a background in deep tissue bodywork over the last twenty years that included physical therapy office environments and relaxation centers, Wade strives to help people out of pain and to understand why they feel what they feel so they can stay better.


Vinciane Krepper, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

I was a long time runner and very connected to my body; I could feel the energy flowing. As a young adult, I got sick and the doctor could not find the right diagnosis to explain my pain. However, I could feel that my pain would go away after running. I understood that those energies were stuck and prevented my body to function properly.

I studied and practiced acupuncture in France, in Paris for 14 years, after several journeys in Asia. I love how Asian culture is balanced and respectful of the laws of nature.

I like how Chinese medicine connects everything together, mind, body, and spirit – and how the tiny needles can act on those three systems. In Chinese Medicine, everything has a meaning and an explanation.

In France, I specialized in 5 elements acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture. To me, herbs have energies and the power to interact with our body chemistry and rebalance what needs to be; they amazed me, so I studied medical aromatherapy, eastern and western herbology.

In my practice, I combine the Western medical knowledge with the Eastern Chinese tradition; I also use functional medicine (blood testing, allergy testing, stool tests) and supplements to help my patients find their balance and thrive.


Brian Nguyen, MTOM, L.Ac, Dipl. OM

A professional career in dance coupled with movement injuries lead me to seek out an alternative healing modality for me and my students. In this quest I found that Chinese medicine aligned perfectly with my internal drive to find cures for illness. I graduated from two programs with a concentration in Neijing classical Chinese medicine and its techniques of diagnosis and treatment.

The insights I’ve gained from my personal journey through the world of medicine have given me a different set of eyes to see and ears to hear. In the never-ending search for truth, I’ve come to see medicine as the attempt to restore life and living spirit to a person.


Healing Art by Melora Walters

Often we need something to hold on to, something to inspire us, something that feels safe.

Since ancient times there have been relics, oils, candles, holy cards, amulets. Based on having created “healing art” for Dr. Amanda Cohen I decided to make myself available to others to create images of anything that gives hope, strength, and solace, especially during this turbulent time in history.

Any request is created after deep research into the mythology of the god, goddess, animal, spirit. The piece is also infused with the style of art that the collector likes based on any images sent to me.

My work is always an attempt at grasping the essence of the subject, It can never be exact, or perfect, but if it can infuse an intangible emotion that you feel in your being then it is alive.

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Join the Source Point Wellness Community and receive 15% off your first session with
Dr. Amanda.